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Our Role

As your Owner Representative, we look out for the Owner's best interest. Our goal is to make sure the progress of your construction project stays on track, remains on schedule and within the approved project budget. We will ensure all project team members are aligned with your objectives and goals, and are actively working towards achieving them. We will work together to identify project issues and present you with the facts so you are able to make informed decisions, quickly.

Our Approach

Our approach is collaborative, but one which provides accountability to all project team members. We focus our approach on understanding the Owner’s goals and objectives and confirming that all project team members are working towards them. Using this approach, we become an extension of the Owner’s staff to assist in making informed decisions as the project moves from concept through to completion and close-out.

Our Owner's Rep Process

As your Owner's Representative, we have the experience and expertise to look out for your best interests and efficiently guide you throughout all project phases—from inception, planning and design to construction, completion and close-out. Essentially, we provide the road map from project start to project finish in order to successfully deliver your project.

We start by building an understanding of your project goals and objectives. We then coordinate with all the members of your team, assuring everyone understands your objectives and is actively focused on your priorities and the successful completion of your project. As your advocate, we will ensure your project progresses efficiently, all team members are engaged at the right time, contractual deliverables are met and your investment is maximized.

When we provide Owner's Representation services for your consecutive or concurrent projects that can be undertaken on a variety of project delivery methods and customized to fit the specifics of each project, we can act as your Program Manager.

Our Goal is Project Success

The success of any project is dependent on the critical attention to management of the project budget, schedule, quality and communication. As your Owner's Representative, one of our first tasks will be to develop/verify your budget and schedule and determine if they are appropriate to deliver on the desired scope and to meet the project goals and objectives. In this initial due diligence phase, we will identify the project drivers and project risks and establish necessary controls and risk mitigation measures.

An Owner's Representative Can Help You...

Successfully achieve your project goals and objectives.

Ensure the project stays on track, on schedule and within the approved budget.

Identify inherent risks and implement a project management plan to manage and mitigate them.

Make informed decisions that keep the project on track.

Establish clear lines of communication among all project team members.

Rosi Fowler

“The Concord Group has provided excellent service to our health system for years. They are knowledgeable, responsive to last minute requests and reliable to provide accurate information regardless of the project size or complexity.”

Rosi Fowler - Executive Director, Epic Implementation

Former Boone Hospital Center, Chief Operating Officer and Former Covenant Medical Center, Chief Operating Officer


Our budget management approach considers the big picture and provides you with the confidence to make informed decisions based on total project costs.



We develop and manage a fully Integrated Master Project Schedule to ensure your project remains on track, on schedule and within the approved budget.



Our role is to lead the QA/QC process, confirming all project team members fulfill their contractual obligations.



We create a project-specific communication plan to establish clear lines of communication between all parties.


Project Management Plan

Our Project Management Plan acts as a road map to guide the project team to execute a successful project.



We oversee the efficient transition of the project from the construction and close-out phases to full occupancy/operation

What is an Owner's Representative?

In construction, an owner’s representative is an industry expert hired by the Owner of a building or facility project to act as the Owner’s advocate and represent their best interests. This can be particularly helpful for projects where the Owner has limited knowledge of design and construction, or lacks the time and resources in-house to effectively fill this role. Engaging the services of an owner’s representative is the safest way to appropriately manage and mitigate the inherent risks involved in the project development process.

An owner’s representative is the only member of the project team whose one main overriding interest is to execute the Owner’s project goals and objectives. Working together with the Owner, the owner’s representative acts on behalf of the Owner on the performance of their duties and responsibilities, ensuring the project stays on track, on schedule and within the approved budget. Just like the conductor in an orchestra knows the precise timing to bring in the various instruments, in the correct sequence, and in just the right harmony in order to create a beautiful concert, an owner’s representative keeps the project running smoothly – making sure everything progresses as it needs to progress, team members are engaged at the right time and are meeting their contractual deliverables.

The approach of an owner’s representative should be collaborative but also focus on accountability and assurance that all project team members are working towards the Owner’s goals and objectives. The true value of the role of an owner’s representative is in providing a process in which the success of all team members is encouraged, not hindered.

Our Owner's Representation Portfolio


We provided Owner's Rep services for the new 80,000 square foot Outpatient Center constructed on the campus of Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare – St. Francis. The building consisted of four (4) 20,000 square foot levels above ground.


This project consisted of a $75 Million exterior restoration of the over 100 year-old City Hall in Milwaukee. We were engaged to provide Owner's Representation, Construction Audit and Construction Advisory services with a particular emphasis on cost control and change-order review and evaluation.

Conference Center

The Brookfield Conference Center is a new 57,000 square foot conference center that includes an 18,000 square foot ballroom, a 6,000 square foot junior ballroom, full-service kitchen, and other meeting functions to serve small-to-medium sized events. The building is tentatively set to connect to an adjacent hotel on the property.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire an owner's representative?

When embarking upon a capital project or program it’s important for you to have the correct level of staff in place who possess the right skill sets to appropriately manage the project and interests of the project stakeholders.

Who should we hire as our Owner's Rep?

It’s a role that needs to be filled, either by your in-house staff, an independent third-party or a combination of both. It is critical for an Owner to objectively evaluate their project management capabilities and current workload and determine if they need the assistance of a third-party.

Why the Concord Group?

Simply put, we specialize in providing Owner’s Representation services; it’s what we do. We bring a process that has been tried and tested on multiple complex capital projects that have been managed to a successful outcome. Our history of repeat business with our clients is a testament that we exceed expectations.

When should I engage an Owner's Rep?

An owner’s representative can be engaged early on during a project’s inception phase or later during any stage of a project such as inception, planning, design, construction, close-out and occupancy. That said, it’s preferable to engage an owner’s representative during the initial project inception so they can collaborate with the Owner to establish the fundamentals of the project.

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About The Concord Group


If you are looking for a construction consulting firm you can trust to deliver a successful project, you’ve come to the right place. Since 1996, we have built a reputation for delivering high quality, accurate and timely work for governmental agencies, healthcare organizations, educational facilities, institutional clients and architectural/engineering firms along with retail, residential and property development companies.

Our team of highly skilled construction cost consultants, project managers, cost estimators and engineers have successfully completed over 4,000 projects throughout the United States. Some of our projects include the Art Institute of Chicago, Lexington Convention Center, Milwaukee Streetcar, Welsh-Ryan Arena, Helen DeVos Children’s Museum and the Hub for Collaborative Medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin. Headquartered in Chicago and with offices in Milwaukee, Grand Rapids, Columbus, Atlanta and Dublin (Ireland), we have provided construction consulting services throughout the entire Midwest, United States and Europe.

We specialize in providing an array of construction consulting services such as Owner's RepresentationCost Estimating and Cost ManagementInfrastructure ManagementCost SegregationReal Estate Advisory Services and Technical Services. We have formed strong and long-lasting relationships with many of our clients, some of whom have been with us since we started our business. We'd love to add you to that list.

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